Peggle 2 was supposed to be released on Xbox One‘s launch day but got slightly delayed. Now PopCap Games have revealed the release date and luckily we don’t have long to wait at all as it will be released to download on Xbox LIVE next Monday, December 9th! So far only the US price has been revealed, which is $11.99, and the Kinect 2 support still hasn’t been revealed but fingers crossed for full Kinect 2 controls.

The Peggle Masters

PopCap have also revealed the game’s 5 Peggle Masters who each have their own power-ups, multiple costumes and 10 themed levels, plus there are 10 levels in the Celestial Realm which can be played with any of the Masters along with 60 trial levels with unique challenges. So that’s 120 levels in total. Here are more details about the Peggle Masters including their trailers:


  • Bjorn the unicorn, the only master returning to the game from the original. Bjorn’s special power, activated by hitting one of two green pegs on a board, is similar to his original perk. It’s basically a guideline showing where your ball will bounce based on the angle you shoot it. While it used to be a simple blue line, in Peggle 2 it’s a bright rainbow with sparkles that turns to fire if you’re going to shoot the ball at a slide that will hit multiple pegs. Bjorn’s horn gives a thumbs-up when the player hits a great shot.



  • Jeffrey the Lazy Troll, who gets nervous when there are a few balls left. Its power-up is a huge bowling ball, ‘bowlder’ that will clear paths, shooting down the pegs.



  • Berg the Yeti gets activated when players hit the green peg and will work for the next shot too. When activated, the whole board gets frozen and players have to push the pegs below, while shooting the peg high.



  • Gnorman the Gnome is a master in a funny robot suit that gets activated when the green peg is hit. Its power up is the Ubervolt, which terminates the two pegs near the hit area.



  • Luna, is the cute looking un-dead master. Her power-up is the Nightshade, which floats throughs the blue ball and bounces on the orange ones, when shot. When the power up disappears, the blue pegs will not appear again and this will allow players to make ways to reach some of the far away orange pegs.




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