Independent developers Peter Lu & Lea Schönfelder have announced Perfect Woman and released a trailer for it, which you can watch above. The trailer describes the game as a “perfect woman life simulator”, although it appears to be some kind of whacky pose-matching game. Also, although the trailer shows Kinect 1 being used for some reason, it is in fact a Kinect 2 game for Xbox One which will be available to download in North America on September 14th priced at $8.99 via the ID@Xbox self-publishing programme and can be pre-ordered now.

There are no dates or prices for outside North America yet but I expect it will be released in most countries worldwide for the equivalent price in other currencies.

You can read more info about the game in the following description from the official website:


Perfect Woman

How perfect are you?

The Game

Perfect Woman is a game inspired by the ubiquitous personality questionnaires featured in women’s magazines and the female roles they define. There are so many such roles emphasizing aspects of family, career, experience, sex and more. But these can not possibly characterize the depth and complexity of a woman’s life. Perfect Woman uses these stereotypes as building blocks for you to be your OWN perfect woman.

The game is structured into progressive levels, each one representing a different stage in a woman’s life. Starting at the child stage, players must post in front of a Kinect to mimic various poses that appear on screen. The better a player is able to hold the pose, the more “perfect” their rating for that level.

Perfect Woman features a branching decision tree which serves to create a narrative of the character’s life. Past choices may make future choices more difficult. It’s not always possible to be perfect at every stage in life, and that’s perfectly fine.



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Source: ICXM, Perfect Woman website Via: lifelower's Twitter