It’s always nice to see independent developers working on games that make use of Kinect and the reason for that is that these people do it mainly out of passion and curiosity. The games might not be perfect at first, but then again, even those games with big names behind them are not perfect.

Project: Willy

One of these games is Project: Willy which was developed within 48 hours as part of Global Game Jam 2013. The game itself works on Windows and while it was developed for Kinect and a Xbox 360 Gamepad it also works with a keyboard and a Xion. In this game, Kinect controls are used for targeting.

The intro video explains what the game is about but, shortly put:

You are a whale and and travel through the body of a person to get to the hart.

If you want to play this game, then the developer’s advice is to first watch the Intro Video. The game can be downloaded from here.

Have you already tried Project: Willy? What do you think of it?

Source: Global Game Jam