It is rumored that together with the launch of Xbox 720 there will also be four games (for now): Ryse, Forza Motorsport 5, a zombie game and a family game. The actual titles for the zombie and family games are currently unknown the family-friendly game is apparently set on an island with Pixar movie-like style graphics. Furthermore, “the family pixar-like title will use Kinect to scan bodies and generate virtual characters in-game”.

Ryse has been under development for a while now and due to the long delays in launch it was somewhat expected that the title will come on the next generation console.

MP & Illumi room

Other rumors related to the next generation Xbox are that Microsoft will use real money transactions instead of the current Xbox Live’s Microsoft Points and that Illumi room is far away for being ready for public release thus it’s likely it won’t be available yet when the console launches.

Games on Demand

As of April, Power Rangers Super Samurai is available as game on demand.


Source: Major Nelson, Gadget insiders, Gaming Bolt