Namco Bandai had a playable demo of Power Rangers Super Samurai Kinect at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International and I’ve finally found some video of it, recorded by a YouTube user called Prof. Toast, which you can watch above. (The demo footage starts at 0:38.)

As you can see, the section of the game being played in the demo is like a Kinect Dynasty Warriors game (although the travelling progression seems to be a bit limited like Kinect Star Wars rather than totally free-roaming like Rise Of Nightmares for example) and looks even better than the E3 demo videos I’ve seen! 😀 Probably because this video shows someone actually playing it properly, lol! Here is a video that 123KINECT member dirtyvu recorded at E3 showing the game played not quite so well:

Compare that video with the top one. This is a problem with Kinect gameplay videos, if the games are played badly it can make the game itself look bad. So my advice is to always look for videos of a game played properly when trying to judge a game by videos. Also try to find videos that show both the player as well as the game at the same time so you can see for sure whether they are playing it properly or just “flailing”.

Here is another video from E3 that dirtyvu recorded that falls in between both of the previous videos as far as playing the game properly goes, it’s not bad and I’m posting it just to show off more gameplay as very little has been shown so far, unless you’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to see or play it at any of the shows:


The next video is also from E3 by a YouTube user called CAGForelay and demonstrates the multiplayer. It’s 2-player co-op and the players are on the same screen, I don’t know if the 2nd player can move out of the 1st player’s area and it goes split-screen though or if online multiplayer is available. Also, unfortunately the cameraman records the players rather than the game most of the time once the gameplay starts:

Training Mode & MegaZord

Namco Bandai’s press release said

Martial arts training and fitness modes will teach the importance of teamwork, friendship, and responsibility that is needed to battle the evil Master Xandred and the malevolent Serrator.  Players will also be able to help the Samurai Rangers use the legendary Black Box to create all new MegaZord combinations and become Super Samurai.

and here is another video from E3 by (I think I may have incorrectly said that is an official Microsoft website in an earlier article or in the forums, it’s actually not it just looks like one) demonstrating a bit of the Training Mode as well as some MegaZord gameplay. Please note that, as the booth guy says in the video, the MegaZord demo was still work-in-progress. Skip to 1:22 in the video to get to the Power Rangers Super Samurai Kinect part:

Here are a few more details from Namco Bandai about the game:


Prepare to experience the Power Rangers™ Super Samurai universe in an entirely new way. Using the hands-free Xbox 360 Kinect™ Sensor, morph into the Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink or Gold Ranger and master the mystical and ancient Samurai Symbols of Power to control the elements of Fire, Water, Forest, Earth, Sky, and Light!


  • Become a Ranger! – Morph into your favorite Ranger from the Super Samurai series and fight your way through Moogers and the Nighlok.
  • Wield Ranger Weapons – Activate the Spin Sword and Special Weapon power ups with poses!
  • Pilot the Super Samurai Megazord – We Are United! – Control the Megazord in Mega Mode for epic battles against MegaMonsters. Perform simultaneous attacks with a friend to increase attacking power!
  • Super Samurai Power Up! – Mega Mode, Super Samurai Mode and Super Mega Mode are all playable in game.
  • Train like a Ranger! – Train alongside your favorite Rangers for an intense Super Samurai martial arts workout session.
  • Team Up and Power Up – Play with a friend and take down the Nighlok as a team!


I’ve noticed that Power Rangers Super Samurai Kinect uses what Microsoft dubbed “augmenteering“, like Kinect Star Wars, where the movements use 1:1 tracking and augmented animation to make your movements look like how the character should move, rather than just having the character move exactly like you like in Kinect Adventures or just using gestures to trigger canned animation like in PowerUp Heroes. (Although it does use gestures and canned animation too for certain things like special moves and walking/running.)

You might notice in the top video that there are a few missed moves but I’m going to give Kinect/the game the benefit of the doubt as I know for a fact that at least the light on the video camera on the right of the video was affecting Kinect when it was pointed directly at Kinect and when it was pointed at the player as it was reflecting off their shiny helmet. (They’re wearing a blue Power Ranger costume.) In fact I was surprised that it didn’t affect Kinect more since there are literally only a few missed moves here and there and on the whole the demo was working fine, which hopefully should mean that the finished game will have very robust controls!

More scrolling beat-em-up Kinect games please!

I can’t wait for this game because Kinect is sorely missing scrolling beat-em-ups, Kinect Star Wars and Kung-Fu High Impact are the only ones that come to mind, although there is plenty of melee combat in Rise Of Nightmares and a tiny bit in The Gunstringer. (I don’t know whether to count Mini Ninjas Adventures since the player’s character doesn’t move forwards, just left and right like Space Invaders, so it’s not really a scrolling beat-em-up.) I honestly thought there would be far more of them by now.

Are you excited about Power Rangers Super Samurai Kinect?

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