Startup company Star3DMe have released the Kinect For Windows mini-game compilation PrimeAction Sports Bundle for PCs for 120 NIS/$29 via their website.

The game is made by Mini Ninjas Adventures developer Side-Kick and features 6 mini-games: a 3D trampolining platform game called Air Time, a rocket-skating racing game called Jet Run, a football (soccer) penalty kicks game called SuperKicks, a fantasy skydiving/BASE jumping game called Air Challenge Extreme Skydiving, a Kinect Adventures’ Rally Ball-style squash/block-breaking game called Wall Breakers and a target-punching boxing game called Boxing Trainer. You can watch it in action in the trailer above. (Unfortunately the trailer is currently only available in SD resolution.)

Be a part of Prime Team, an elite unit trained to handle the most extreme of conditions and face the gravest of dangers. They are always ready, always waiting for the call. Sitting in their super secret training facility in the south pacific, they train, and wait, and train some more. Help them keep in shape while learning to use the new motion – control interface.




Source:, GameStarzMe's YouTube Channel
Thanks to 123KINECT visitor Kenny from Star3DMe for submitting this news!