Microsoft Studios’ new Team Dakota have broadcast an hour long livestream of their game creator (or as Team Dakota call it an open-world digital canvas) Project Spark which you can watch above. They start off by briefly demonstrating the motion capture feature using Kinect 2 on the Xbox One version. Here’s what Project Spark’s Creative Director Henry Sterchi said about the feature:

So you can use this to create your own animations, do things like replace some of the attacks and I think obviously what everybody’s kind of wondering is yes it records your voice, it records your facial expressions so your eyebrows, jaw movement, you can actually see the jaw moving to the side, it records all that stuff. So you can go ahead and it was funny because when we did this we kind of codenamed it “Shakespeare In The Park” and the idea was that you can do your own kind of cinematics with it.

After that they switched to the Windows 8 PC version controlled with an Xbox 360 joypad and showed off an action-RPG they created while talking about how they created it and demonstrating some of the creation tools.

Project Spark is due out on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 8 devices (PC & mobile) in 2014. If you want to play it early and give input by suggesting new game features you can sign up for the Windows 8 beta which will take place this October and/or the Xbox One beta which will take place in January 2014 by going to




Source: Project Spark's YouTube Channel Via: The Official Xbox Magazine (UK)