5pb.Games have released the Kinect 2-supported Xbox One adventure game based on the Psycho-Pass anime, Psycho-Pass: Sentaku Naki Kōfuku (Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness), in Japan, along with a story trailer which you can watch above. Unfortunately it’s all in Japanese with no subtitles though.

They have also released a few more weird trailers featuring people wearing Komissa costumes (CID mascots, Komissa Taro is the boy and Komissa Hanako is the girl) playing Psycho-Pass, including a Kinect 2 trailer. Like all the other trailers it’s all in Japanese and I couldn’t figure out what was happening, but thanks once again to Twitter user and Xbox fan lifelower (@lifelower) who told me that in the trailer Kinect 2 reacts to the player’s actions such as warning them to get back to the mission if they walk away from the game and saying “I identified your inappropriate behavior. Keep focusing the investigation.” when lying on the bed. This seems like an odd (though amusing) use of Kinect 2, but hopefully there are also some regular Kinect 2 controls in Psycho-Pass. (Maybe at least voice commands? As the players may be talking to the game in the trailer.)

Lifelower also said that the gameplay is similar to Telltale Games’ adventure games, like The Walking Dead, where the game asks you to make choices which affect the story. I think it’s essentially a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type of game. Psycho-Pass also supports Xbox SmartGlass in various ways though so there could be more to the game than there first appears if you use all the Kinect and SmartGlass features.

You can watch the Kinect 2 trailer for Psycho-Pass below and read more info about the game, taken from the English section of the official website:



About Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness

In the near future,
technology is developed that allows ones state of mind and personality traits to be quickly quantified and profiled.

All emotion, desire, and social disease are documented and managed by the government for the public good. The quality of each person’s life is measure by a single number. That number, which represents how close the mind and soul are to perfection, is known as the Psycho-Pass. The system also calculates a number that represents criminal capacity, known as the Crime Coefficients. This number is the basis of the justice dispensed by the police force. Officers are divided into two groups: Enforcers, who are tasked with the investigation of crimes and the capture of criminals, and Inspectors, who are charged with managing the Enforces. Enforcers with high Crime Coefficients have proven more effective at understanding the criminal mind. This ability is used by the police department to solve complex and difficult cases. Because they have such high Crime Coefficients, however, they must be monitored at all time by the Inspectors, to ensure that none of them actually become criminals. Though each member of the Public Safety Bureau carries their own burdens, they must see that justice is served — in a society where everything is quantified, they have to make sure it all adds up.

What’s waiting for them out there…?



Psycho-Pass still hasn’t been confirmed for release outside of Japan yet, but maybe a worldwide release will be announced at E3. Would you like to see it released worldwide? Are you Japanese (or understand Japanese) and have bought the game already? Let us know in the comments below.




Source: Xbox Japan YouTube Channel, Psycho-Pass: Sentaku Naki Kōfuku (Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness) website