Remember when we’ve told you that The Gunstringer is getting some DLC this week? Well, the DLC is now available and you can purchase it for 240 Microsoft Points from Xbox Live Marketplace. The size of the DLC is 130.95 MB.

Real Big Shootin’ details

If you’re not totally convinced about this new content then you should really check out the official trailer, the details as well as the screenshots that were made available recently.

Git yer gun and ammo up for some Real Big Shootin’! Take your high-powered weaponry out on the range and get you some hunting, ‘Merica-style. Each hunting round features different weapons, locations, and wildlife to splatter. Tally high scores on your own or grab a friend to compete in alternate round play. This DLC pack pays tribute to several shooting classics of yesteryear.


Source: El 33 tonline
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