Red Bull have a Q&A with Bongfish, the developer of Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect. Here are some excerpts from their article:

What can gamers expect from Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect?
They can expect a fast, intense and physically demanding game offering far more depth than the average Xbox 360 Kinect game.

How true to life is the gameplay?
As true as it can be for a video-game without hurting the fun elements. Instead of considering factors like the sharpening of the blades or the effect of different ice conditions, we’ve added over-the-top features like double corkscrew tricks or insane rail-slides over rooftops. Our goal is to distil the essence of the sport and create a fun and compelling game based on the core elements of the experience. Fun should always come first for any game.

What kind of challenge can players expect?
The main challenge is finding the right balance between physical efforts like skating and smart reading of the track’s features, together with split-second decisions like blocking your opponent’s path.

Have you got any golden gameplay tips?
Being the fastest skater won’t guarantee victory. It’s equally important to take advantage of shortcuts and to perform tricks and make perfect landings as they will reward speed bonuses. Also don’t forget about knocking down your opponents, it can help a lot!

Would a Red Bull Crashed Ice game be half as good without the motion-sensing capabilities of Kinect?
We designed this game for Kinect from the start, meaning every aspect is built on the unique nature of the system, resulting in a very physically demanding game also fitting the nature of the sport. This doesn’t mean a Red Bull Crashed Ice game using different controls won’t be as fun, it would just be very different.

The next excerpt suggest that there could be a sequel planned:

Are you happy with the finished game? Can you see any improvements that could be made for a possible sequel?
Never ask a developer if they’re happy with the finished game, there are tons of things we want to improve right now – you always can do better! In the long run, I think the way we’ve implemented the motion-based controls are a great foundation for a sequel.

Does this last excerpt give hope that the finished version of Avatar Motorcross Madness might be at least a “Better With Kinect” game?

What else can we expect from Bongfish in the future?
There’s a reboot of the classic Microsoft Motocross Madness franchise waiting around the corner in 2013. With Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect and Motocross Madness, we have two very distinct titles at the starting line and we are very excited and proud coming that far.


Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect is out now on XBLA for 400MSP.



Source: Red Bull