For our Kinect game reviews, we decided to maintain a review policy when we rate and review the games we play. Our scoring system is rated on the following:

1 – Absolutely Awful – This is the lowest rating a game can receive. It’s typically due to either a rushed product that has not been tested or nothing works in the game or the whole concept is a bad idea and the developers shouldn’t have went there, these are a dime in a dozen but they do exist.

2 – Horrible – A game with this rating typically might be a good idea, but actual controls in the game may not work, or everything could be broken.

3 – Bad – Games fall into this category when they are well thought out, but there is typically control issues as well as gameplay issues and lead to a frustrating title.

4 – Needs Work – These games typically need to be patched immediately, either they fall short of gameplay and have control issues, or there are areas that could use improvement. Overall they aren’t the worst, but far from the best.

5 – Average – Average games are on the thin line of falling into the bad category. Typically there are issues with the game, the overall length of the game could be short or controls could be sloppy or lazy. These titles are usually perceived to be approached with caution.

6 – Above Average – Above average games usually have some problems which are acceptable, but it would be nice to have them fixed.

7 – Good – Good games are just that – good. They are playable, have a decent amount of content or length to them and may have very few minor issues that won’t ruin your gameplay experience.

8 – Great – Great games usually have no issues, but may be lacking content or length. Any issues that are in a great game are usually an opinionated problem, not an actual problem with the game.

9 – Fantastic – Fantastic games are just well thought out and delivered. They usually have loads of content, replay value is very high, there may be minor things that not everyone will be happy with it making it fall short of being almost perfect.

10 – Almost Perfect – These games are absolutely masterpieces. Almost Perfect games typically have no issues and stand out from all the other games. We understand games cannot be perfect, so this is as close to perfect as you can get.