We’re still in the aftermath of E3 2011 gathering some of the interesting info shown there led us to an interview of gametrailers with Phil Spencer from Microsoft. Spencer talks about Halo 4’s holiday release in 2012, and several Kinect games and what Microsoft (and other companies) are doing for the core in that respect.

Discussing Ryse (at around 1:20) Spencer says:

“the idea right now is that you play with a controller AND Kinect, we’re actually still working on some of this.”

The way he says ‘and’ leaves me to believe that Kinect is still required, so that would then mean that this is the first game that uses both the Xbox 360 controller and Xbox Kinect. In other words, Ryse is going to be the first hybrid Kinect game!

Interview Phil Spencer on Ryse and other games

Hopefully they will be able to seamlessly integrate the controller and Kinect experience!

Source: Gametrailers