Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality HMD Revealed title

Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality HMD Revealed

Reddit user VolcanoHoliday discovered that the Microsoft Store briefly revealed a new Windows Mixed Reality VR HMD by Samsung called the Samsung Odyssey, before taking the page down. Since Microsoft are having a Windows Mixed Reality event later today I expect they and Samsung will officially announce the Samsung Odyssey there and the webpage will be back up soon.

So, how does the Samsung Odyssey differ from the other Windows Mixed Reality VR HMDs announced already? Well, for a start it’s the most expensive as it costs $499 for the HMD & motion controllers bundle. However, there’s a reason for its premium price as it does have some premium features. The first you’ve probably already noticed are the built-in headphones and the photos show that they are AKG branded. According to the HMD’s description it also features dual array mics, so you won’t need to attach a separate microphone.

Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality HMD view 01


How about the displays? Those have also been upgraded since not only does the HMD have the slightly larger 110 degrees FOV like the Dell Visor and Lenovo Explorer, compared to the 105 degrees FOV of the Acer and HP, but it beats those with two AMOLED displays, instead of two LCD displays, along with a slightly higher 2880 x 1600 overall resolution compared to all the others’ 2880 x 1440! It still has a maximum refresh rate of 90hz though, or 60hz if you have a PC on the lower end of the specs and/or your graphics card doesn’t have an HDMI 2.0 or Display Port 1.2 connection.

Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality HMD view 03


Although it’s hard to be absolutely sure just looking at the first photos, it seems like the motion controllers might be slightly more ergonomic too.

Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers


According to the Microsoft Store the Samsung Odyssey will be available a few weeks later than the others (except for the ASUS, which has no release date yet) as the release date on that page says November 6th. I will update this article if any new information about the Samsung Odyssey is revealed at today’s Windows Mixed Reality event or at a later date. UPDATE: One extra thing this HMD has is a physical IPD adjuster, which is for adjusting the lenses to fit the exact distance between different people’s eyes. Apparently the others are software based. There was one minor negative point was revealed at the event though, the HMD hasn’t got a flip-up visor like the other Windows Mixed Reality VR HMDs. However, this should mean that it will fit tighter as it has been reported that the developer versions of other HMDs were a little loose on the face and jiggled a bit if you moved your head quickly. That might not be an issue with the final consumer versions of those though.

Are you planning on waiting a couple of weeks and buying the Samsung Odyssey, buying one of the cheaper HMDs on October 17th or are you waiting to see if and when Microsoft announces Xbox VR either via support for these or a dedicated VR HMD for Xbox One X (and possibly standard Xbox One)? Let us know in the comments below or create a discussion in our (PC) Windows Mixed Reality VR General forum.



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Source: The Microsoft Store Via: VIRTUALREALITY subreddit on Reddit