We just came across some interesting job listings now available for the Microsoft studio that opened in Vancouver’s West End not too long ago, interestingly most of them include references to Kinect and core first party titles!

Core-minded people wanted

Before anything else Microsoft Game Studios (MGS) Vancouver is looking for a Creative Director, a Developer Manager and a Senior Gameplay Engineer.

We’re looking for people who are a great cultural fit with our studio who have energy, passion, and determination. We want smart, creative people who can create exciting experiences that core gamers will really want to play.

There are currently a number of job openings that involve Xbox 360’s Kinect, one of which is a Creative Director position à la Molyneux that, according to Microsoft’s website should “Deliver AAA experiences that showcase the unique values of Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Kinect, and future gaming platforms.” Also, they are looking for a Developer Manager that matches the following description: “an experienced technical director to join a completely new internal development studio, focused on bringing high quality, highly experimental gameplay to Xbox 360 and Kinect.

It gets even better, for the Developer Manager:

This is a role focused on managing and mentoring a team of around ten programmers, and working with the Redmond Family studio, to deliver an original IP that uses Kinect in new and unique ways.

Finally, MGS Vancouver is looking for a Senior Gameplay Engineer that has experience with Kinect and is eager to stay up to date with the latest AAA games.

First Party Kinect Games

Earlier, Microsoft developed Kinect Sports (Rare), Kinect Adventures (Good Science) and Kinect Joy Ride (BigPark) as first party titles. However, many gamers have criticized Microsoft for not investing enough in first party games compared to Nintendo and Sony, do you feel that this could be a first step in the right direction?

Should those that left Microsoft’s Game Studio Rare still seek jobs, then may we recommend MGS Vancouver? Canadians are friendly and welcoming people, after all. Be sure to read up on how to apply, should you be interested.

(Update: Coincidentally, someone at NeoGAF forums found the same thing out, earlier today (Thanks, Percy). I guess we were both curious to see what this MGC Vancouver had up its sleeve.)

Source: MGS Vancouver, Microsoft Careers