There have been talks about the minimum room size required for using the Xbox Kinect for almost a year now, but in a small apartment where you can hardly fit a couches and a plant you can generally forget about playing Xbox Kinect games. Luckily, for those willing to pay a little more  to play the Kinect in their small rooms, Newbie Games will soon release a solution (August 1st to be exact)!

Look at what we found on Amazon US: MagniEye for Microsoft Kinect (Silver) (or the black version)

MagniEye Kinect features

The product features leave little room for speculation:

  • Special magnifier lens brings in Kinect’s field of vision
  • Allows the Kinect to be used in much smaller sized rooms
  • Easy installation; no modification to your Kinect needed

It looks as though the MagniEye is a lens that can be put on the Kinect to make the bundle of infra-red light smaller and so you will need less space to have fun!

If, and how, it works remains to be seen but this may make the Kinect do a lot better in Japan’s generally small rooms. Are you going to need an accessory like this in your room?