Microsoft‘s Major Nelson has announced that the 2nd season of both Kinect Sesame Street TV and Kinect Nat Geo TV will be released on Xbox LIVE on January 7th 2013. Unlike the 1st season this season will be download only and not available on disc.

There’s some confusion over whether you get either of these free if you bought the 1st season’s disc of either show, but I think that’s because we assumed the “Season Pass” was for a year but it seems to be just literally for a calendar season. (Although they’re releasing the 2nd season in the middle of Winter.)

Here’s more info from Major Nelson:

Today we are announcing announced that season two of “Kinect Sesame Street TV” and “Kinect Nat Geo TV” will begin on January 7, 2013

Eight additional episodes for each title means even more interactive content and opportunities for their families to jump inside their favorite television shows and engage, interact and learn in ways only available through Kinect for Xbox 360. “Kinect Nat Geo TV” season two will be hosted by reptile expert and host of Nat Geo WILD’s “Dangerous Encounters,” Brady Barr.

Season two of “Kinect Sesame Street TV” and “Kinect Nat Geo TV” will each cost $29.99 USD/2400 MS points for the eight 30-minute episodes and will be available via download when you purchase a Season’s Pass on Xbox LIVE. Individual episodes can also be purchased for $4.99 USD/400 MS points.

There are some new screenshots of the 2nd season of both shows included in the galleries below:

Kinect Sesame Street TV Screenshots

Kinect Nat Geo TV Screenshots


Source: Major Nelson's Blog