No Kinect support for Skyrim

Update: Kinect support coming to Skyrim after all!

Skyrim: the fifth chapter in Bethesda Game Studios’ epic “Elder Scrolls” series would have been a good candidate for Kinect support, as it features plenty of melee weapons and spell casting. Unfortunately the title is not said to not have Kinect support. Read on for more info.

Skyrim will not have Kinect support

The information that Skyrim will not have Kinect support comes directly from Todd Howard, who is Game Director and Executive Producer of Bethesda Game Studios. He revealed this information while speaking with with Power Unlimited (a Dutch gamers magazine).

It’s not all bad though, Skyrim will, just like its predecessors Morrowind and Oblivion, be released on Xbox 360, so us Xbox gamers will still be able to play it, just not by using Kinect.

The game is set for release on 11/11/11 and will also be released on PC. This means that maybe someone will make a hack for it and show Bethesda how cool it can be to play an Elder Scrolls game with Kinect, in the hope their next game will support Kinect.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to Skyrim, even without Kinect support. Can’t wait for it to be out! Wondering which games will be supported by Kinect? Be sure to check our list of Kinect Games.