Independent developer Will Brierly has released a short new video demonstrating the Xbox One version of Soda Drinker PRO!‘s Kinect 2 controls, which you can watch above. Yes, that’s it, just tracking the player making drinking gestures and a prop can be used such as a bottle, can or cup, lol!

As mentioned in a previous article, there’s actually another game hidden within Soda Drinker PRO!’s world called Vivian Clark which is “a wonderful world of many dimensions” with many different types of gameplay that is totally different to Soda Drinker PRO!’s. Unfortunately Will Briely (or whoever mans Soda Drinker PRO!’s Twitter account) confirmed that Vivian Clark won’t support Kinect 2 at all. Despite that, you can watch a trailer for Vivian Clark below the following Soda Drinker PRO! trailer:

Soda Drinker PRO! Trailer


Vivian Clark Trailer


Soda Drinker PRO! will be available sometime this year on Xbox One via the ID@Xbox self-publishing programme. What do you think of its Kinect 2 support? Are you disappointed that Vivian Clark won’t also support Kinect 2 in some way? Let us know in the comments below.




Source: Will Brierly's YouTube Channel Via: Soda Drinker PRO! Twitter, TrueAchievements