Many of you may think Barkers Crest Studio’s Tee Time Golf looks familiar after watching the above trailer. That’s because it’s actually the sequel to the independent developer’s popular Xbox 360 XBLIG title Avatar Golf! Tee Time Golf will be getting VR support for Windows Mixed Reality HMDs. although it’s currently unknown whether that support includes full motion controls UPDATE: According to the description on the Windows Store the game does indeed support motion controls in 1st-person mode, along with joypad controls in 3rd-person mode. I’m still a bit skeptical as to how well Windows MR motion controllers handle golf swings due to them losing positional tracking when out of sight of the HMD’s embedded sensors. Having said that, I have seen other developers comment online about possibly trying to calculate the position of the controllers when outside of the HMD’s view using the controllers’ internal IMUs.

You can read more about Tee Time Golf in the following description from the game’s page on the Windows Store and watch almost 30 minutes of an early build of the VR version in action below that (you don’t have to wait until the 28th to watch it as it’s from October 28th 2016):


Tee Time Golf


Are you ready to build a Golf Course in VR and then play it?

Tee Time Golf is the sequel to the hit Xbox Indie title Avatar Golf, but this time around you get to swing the club. Enjoy a relaxing round of golf on one of the 6 beautiful golf courses. Course designers can finally build the courses of their dreams.

Thanks to the pick up and play game mechanics, gamers of all skill levels will enjoy leveling up their golfer and improving their gear. Earn XP and Coins through classic stroke play.

Whether you are a course designer, golfer, or both (or don’t like golf at all), Tee Time Golf offers a fun and highly accessible experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Exciting Features:

  • Play 6 beautiful courses or build your own amazing creation.
  • Course Design features such as entire courses on a single landmass, tons of structures, lots of trees, and more!
  • Gain experience to play from the Pro tees.
  • Use the coins you earn to customize your golfer’s outfits and gear.
  • Attractive hand painted graphics and simple but deep gameplay will keep you coming back for more.
  • VR: 1st person experience with motion controllers or 3rd person experience with Xbox One controller.
  • Play on a PC Screen with Mouse/Keyboard or Xbox One controller.


**Coming Soon in a future update**

  • Online Multiplayer.
  • Achievements!
  • Course Publish/Download.
  • More Courses.



Are you a fan of Avatar Golf and looking forward to playing the sequel in VR? Let us know in the comments below or create a discussion in our (PC) Windows Mixed Reality VR Games forum.



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Source: Barkers Crest Studio's YouTube Channel, Tee Time Golf's Windows Store page