The Sims 3 Unleashed is a game that will be all over this year’s E3 as it launches on multiple platforms and is a powerful series. Luckily however, an interview was available online for a short while (now offline again) that featured some information around Xbox Kinect support for The Sims 3’s upcoming expansion pack, which makes that edition stand out from all the others.

Voice Controlled Sims with Kinect

CBS: Will the game enable controls with speech or movement?

“Xbox 360 will enable players with Kinect to use voice control,” said Bell. “Imagine how it would be when your Sim-dog would sit down, when you would say “Sit!” Voice control works with normal Sims as well. We’re really excited about this feature, because it is really fun!”

This sounds like something that could be a huge success as voice control could engage the gamer a lot more than simply pressing a button, as seen in Kinectimals. Voice control, still an undervalued part of the Kinect sensor in games in our view, seems to take off really nicely. Let’s hope the next Ghost Recon will feature voice control too.

The Sims 3 Unleashed will probably be controllable via the normal Xbox 360 controller, but the interview-piece above shows that it at least features some Kinect support. Besides, The Sims and Kinect simply makes a lot of sense. EA will need to keep improving the series, and the Sims is one of the old time favorites of the casual gamers market that Microsoft is trying to draw into the Xbox 360 and Kinect. Could be a win-win!

The Sims 3 PetsTrailer

This is also the first time games of The Sims series allows us to control the animals, not just the Sims. These animals seem to have personalities and traits, just like the regular Sims.

Are you excited about this game’s Kinect Support?

Via: X360A, Source: SimTimes