Some time ago we reported that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 will not be available on Kinect. In the meantime, EA Sports might have realized the missed opportunity and recently added that Kinect

plays a very big part in the future of the Tiger Woods series

and explained further that the Tiger Woods 12 does not have support for Kinect because

the timing wasn’t quite there

Kinect support for Tiger Woods will come in future

So yes, Kinect will be considered in the future and we’re hoping that refers to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. EA Sports comments further on having Tiger Woods compatible with Kinect:

It’s definitely something we’ve been designing around and looking forward to. It plays a very big part in the future of the game, but this year the timing was just a little off. PGA Tour 12 ships March 29th, so we had an accelerated schedule and the timing wasn’t quite there… But there’s an immense amount of potential.

We’re still not very happy about Tiger Woods 12 not having Kinect support (we were really hoping for this), but knowing that it will probably be implented in the next Tiger Woods does cure the pain a bit.

Source: Gamerzines