Today, Champion Jockey has been released in the UK (and Europe). It’s a game where you can get back in the saddle for some serious thoroughbred Horse Racing action and it is supposedly better with Kinect. It’s the spiritual successor of the G1 Jockey and Gallop Racer series, and aims to depict the Horse Racing universe through a collection of real world races and immersive and intuitive gameplay with simple controls.

Checkout more specific features below.

Champion Jockey Features

  • The Jockey Experience: Use the Xbox360 Kinect to drive your horse, use your whip, jump fences, and experience real life Horse Racing action! In addition to controlling their horse, players must understand it’s unique rhythm, potential, stamina and preferred racing style to truly master the game.
  • Real World Inspired Tracks: Race on a total of 19 different tracks inspired by real world horse racing tracks, including American-style tracks focusing primarily on dirt tracks and steeplechases, and traditional turf tracks.
  • Accessible “Fun Race Mode”: You don’t need to be a serious Horse Racing fan to race in Champion Jockey. An available “Fun Race Mode” tones down the simulation levels of authenticity to maximize the fun of using motion controls to race horses.
Are you a fan of horse racing, and will you be getting this Kinect game? If so, then get your copy on Amazon UK today as it’s on sale! If, and when, the Xbox 360 version will release outside of European borders is still unknown.