Trankies World Announced For Xbox One & PC

A big thank you to Virtual Air Guitar Company who told me about Trankies World, a fast-paced 1-on-1 2D arena shooter by independent developer HTW (Hug The World), that won the Brazilian Imagine Cup for best game during the national rounds of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup back in 2015. You can watch a gameplay trailer for Trankies World above.

HTW are aiming to release the game in Q3 of this year for both Kinect 2 for Xbox One and Kinect For Windows v2 (or Kinect 2 plus adapter) for PC via the ID@Xbox self-publishing programme.

Here’s a short summary of the story and the gameplay by HTW:

The Trankies, characters of our game, are worlds explorers. They love adventures, but they are kind of selfish and don’t like to share the places they discover. When two Trankies decide to conquer the same place, the competition starts

Space with GUI 624x348(Click on pic for larger & less compressed image.)


  • The game starts in the stage selection screen
  • The player who lifts the left arm (or presses the Key 1) will be the Player 1
  • The player who lifts the right arm (or presses the Key 2) will be the Player 2
  • After one of the players raise the arm, its opponent will have 5 seconds to do the same
  • If the opponent does not lift any arm, the game automatically goes to the single player training stage
    • TIP: If you are testing the game with the keyboard, press 1 and, before the 5 seconds period, press 2, so you will have the both characters on screen –  Then, you can switch players at any time in the game by pressing 1 or 2
  • After choosing your player,  hit the floating ball with a red “X” to release your Trankie  from the force field and jump onto one of four available stages
  • Both players need to enter the stage to start the duel (This is necessary to be make sure that the both players know how to jump and shoot before start fighting)
  • Each player starts with one health orb. By hitting your opponent several times, you steal its orb and makes it vulnerable of loosing. Finishes with its health bar after stealing its orb to win the game
  • Each duel lasts 1 minute max.  If the time is up, the player with the most health points wins. If the game finishes with a tie, it goes into sudden-death
  • Players can also score by hitting its opponent and winning matches.
  • After the duel, the winner can choose to give a rematch to the loser player by opening the right hand (or pressing the mouse left button), or restart the game by opening the left hand (or pressing Spacebar)
  • When the game is restarted, the Trankies  return to the level select screen and new players can join by raising the left or right arm



Trankies World will be able to be played single-player as well as both local and online multi-player against other gamers in 4 arenas: Forest, Desert, Ice and Sky Circus. These arenas, plus the Training arena, are accessed from the Spaceship hub arena.

Trankies Levels 624x351(Click on pic for larger & less compressed image.)

Kinect Controls

  • Trankies World can be played seated or standing.
  • To move around the arena you just move your left arm left or right to move your character, called a Trankie, left or right and open your left hand with your palm facing forward to jump. If you keep your left hand open your Trankie will smoothly glide to the ground.
  • To use your gun you move your right arm around to aim 360 degrees around your character using your gun’s aiming beam and open your right hand with your palm facing forward to shoot. If you keep your right hand closed your Trankie will charge for a power-up shot.

You can see the Kinect controls in action in the following short video of HTW working on the game:


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Source: HTW Games YouTube Channel