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123KINECT forum member Kalik is a developer who is looking for beta testers for Triptiko, a 3D mirrror app with various features they are developing for Kinect 2 on both Xbox One and PC, plus they also hope to include Windows Mixed Reality integration. Here are some of the features of Triptiko mentioned by Kalik:


  • see yourself (half of it at least) in 3D, with free camera navigation
  • see yourself from three different points of view simultaneously, like in a triptych mirror (hence the name)
  • see yourself at the same time in real time and with a slight delay, so you can do a 360 and see your back
  • replace the background with an arbitrary image
  • apply different rendering effects (only “color hologram” at first for lack of time, but in the future I may add “T-1000” or “Predator” effect, for fun)
  • record 3D videos, retaining depth information (arbitrarily short ones first, but there’s no technical limit)
  • capture instant 3D snapshots and export them to gif format or 3MF for 3D printing.

The next steps in the future would be to develop media viewers for 3D videos in other environments, like Windows Mixed Reality for example. It should be like a simpler and cheaper version of the holograms MS is doing, except you can record them at home. Also “holoportation” isn’t out of the question, once I’ve implemented live streaming.


There are also some screenshots of an early version of the app in action, along with some descriptions of what they’re showing:

1. Multiview and background:
Shows two captures of the live triple view with different backgrounds.

Triptiko multiview and background 342x480(Click on pic for larger & less compressed image.)


2. Hologram shader:
Shows the hologram effect applied to the live stream.

Triptiko Hologram Shader 624x438(Click on pic for larger & less compressed image.)


3. Free 3D:
Shows three different captures of the free 3D mode, where you can move around the live 3D stream.

Triptiko Free 3D 228x480(Click on pic for larger & less compressed image.)


4.  3D printing:
Shows a 3D model exported by the app, viewed by Windows Mixed Reality viewer.

Triptiko 3D printing 624x472(Click on pic for larger & less compressed image.)


If you would like to beta test Triptiko then let Kalik know either via this post in our forum, on Twitter @TriptikoApp , or join the Triptiko Club on Xbox One. (From “Home” select “Community” then “Clubs on Xbox” and search for Triptiko.) You’ll get two free product keys for the app as soon as it passes certification, and any feedback and bug reports will obviously be welcome.



(Click on pics to enlarge.)


Thanks to 123KINECT visitor Kalik for submitting this news!