Turning Xbox Kinect

You still need to push a button in order to turn your Xbox 360 on or off

Something I’ve missed in Kinect’s features is the ability to turn my Xbox on or Off after using it a while, unfortunately, it may be that this will never be possible. According to Alex Kipman, Kinect’s Project Manager, the power to shut off or turn on your Xbox 360 would go against Microsoft’s voluntary green initiative.

That’s something that we get asked a lot and the reason is simple: it’s around making sure that we make the world a better place. […] It’s a green requirement — which is not a real requirement — but it’s something that we are pushing.

Turning On your Xbox with Kinect

Kipman goes into further detail about the Xbox 360 and Kinect sensor’s need to be on in order to enable the on/off feature.

It’s for saving energy. For you to say ‘Xbox, turn on,’ that means that some amount of the system needs to be on. […] So we decided not to allow you to have ‘Xbox on’ which you know, in this world, means we also then don’t allow you to say ‘xbox off,’ because if you allow it to say ‘off’ you would expect to be able to say ‘on.’

Although I do like the responsibility Microsoft is taking with their Green program, I don’t like it that I have to manually turn my Xbox360 on/off with a button. I guess it’s a matter of priorities, let’s hope they figure out a way to enable this without consuming a lot of energy. Which do you feel is more important, Going Green or Going Comfort?

Luckily we still have Kinect Games to care for!

Source: MajorNelsonRadio
via: VGChartz