Delay has hit several Kinect games up until now, among which are Michael Jackson’s game, Child of Eden and Brunswick Pro Bowling. Now, another game falls victim to the same fate. As we kind of expected – due to the lack of news around this Kinect game – UFC Personal Trainer has been delayed from this quarter to the next. And CEO of THQ spoke of June as the expected month for this game to hit the shelves:

Brian Farrell say that Kinect title will hit retail store shelves sometime in June.

We included a video by Jon Fitch in which he shows some making of material. This is only recommended for the die-hard UFC fans who cannot hold it off any longer, as there is not a lot about Kinect gaming in this video.

Jon Fitch video shoot for UFC Personal Trainer

Up until June, the Fighters Uncaged game is your best bet if you’re looking for fighting games on the Kinect. But, know that there are plenty of other games to entertain yourself with.

Source: GamesFocus
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