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Virtual Air Guitar Working On “Mind-Blowing” Kinect Game!

Independent Kinect developer Virtual Air Guitar Company, makers of Kung-Fu High Impact, Boom Ball For Kinect, Squid Hero For Kinect, Beatsplosion For Kinect and Kung-Fu For Kinect (look out for a special Kung-Fu For Kinect video coming soon!), have teased that their next project will be a “mind-blowing” Kinect 2 game for Xbox One! They haven’t yet explained exactly what it is or when it will be released but these are the exact quotes they gave me about it:

… but we are working on something mind-blowing, just in a different way. 😉 Hint: it involves something from the company’s historical past…

there may or may not be dinosaurs. And monster trucks. And sharks with lasers. And guitars that shoot rockets.



123KINECT will of course bring you more news on this mysterious new game as soon as we get it. In the meantime you can read a great interview with Aki Kanerva, Virtual Air Guitar Company’s founder and lead designer, by Press Play Media (an entertainment news website, nothing to do with the studio that Microsoft bizarrely shut down) in which they discuss Kinect 2 and VR (separately and together). Here’s a brief quote from the interview where he mentions that Virtual Air Guitar have lots of Kinect games planned but the more ambitious games require outside financing (e.g. a publisher):

We have a whole bunch of motion concepts that I’d love to bring out. There’s a Kinect stealth game, a free-scrolling action platformer, a brawler where you build your own fighter with Kinect, a rocket car game, and many more… most of these are somewhat bigger in scope and would require some outside financing, however.



He also still has faith in the future of Kinect!

Where do you see motion controlled gaming in three years?

In three years, motion games will have cut down obesity dramatically. Children will be fitter than ever and physical education will see a resurgence at school, thanks to games that actually make it interesting and the ability to continue playing at home. Kinect will be featured in eSports, blurring the line between professional athletes and gamers. Motion games will keep elderly folks moving around instead of sitting down all day. Kinect will have reached people who would never have bought an Xbox One without it. There will be gamers who think gamepads are old-fashioned.

Sounds like utopia? Not to us.



Are you a fan of Virtual Air Guitar Company and looking forward to their mysterious new “mind-blowing” Kinect game? What’s your favourite game of theirs so far? Let us know in the comments below or create a discussion in our Kinect 2 Games Forum.


Source: Press Play Media