Independent developer ByteRockers’ Games has released its quirky VR frog game VRog for Windows Mixed Reality. VRog is available to download from the Windows Store priced at £4.19 (UK) / €4.99 (EU) / $4.99 (US). There is also a demo available, but only for the SteamVR version, which you can download HERE.

You can watch a trailer for VRog above and read more info from the Windows Store description below:




Be a frog!

Leap your way across the beautiful pond and see what’s on the menu.

Arcade Mode:

Catch tasty insects in Arcade Mode and beat the high score. But watch out for those nasty wasps – they’ll leave a bad taste. This makes the dragonflies (slow motion) and ladybugs (night vision) taste all the better.

Survival Mode:

Or outrun the stork in Survival Mode. Become a true survivalist when it comes to dodging the huge stork. Eat or be eaten! Can you eat enough insects before the stork catches you? If you can, the next one will make things even tougher for you.

Party Mode:

And if you fancy a hopping competition with your friends, Party Mode is exactly what you’re looking for. Every 12 hours, you’ll have an empty high score just waiting to be filled.



Do you want to be a frog in VR? Have you bought it already or played it on another VR system? Let us know in the comments below, or create a discussion in our (PC) Windows Mixed Reality VR Games forum. You can also write your own review of the game in our (PC) Windows Mixed Reality VR Game Reviews forum.


System Requirements


Processor: Not specified
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 960 / AMD Radeon R9 290 or greater (According to the SteamVR version.)
DirectX: DirectX 12 API, Hardware Feature Level 11
Storage: 12 GB available space


Processor: Not specified
Memory: Not specified
Graphics: Not specified
DirectX: Not specified
Storage: 12 GB available space



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Source: VRog's Windows Store page, ByteRockers' Games' YouTube Channel