Windows MR HMDs Play Oculus Exclusives Via Revive!

There are some VR games and experiences which are exclusive to Facebook’s Oculus Rift HMD. For example the space-based adventure game Lone Echo, which you can watch a trailer for above. However, LibreVR/CrossVR created a free app called Revive which allows most of those exclusives to be played using the HTC Vive as well. Now it has been confirmed on Reddit by Demonixis, developer of GunSpinning VR, that Revive also works with Windows Mixed Reality VR HMDs!

Revive does require SteamVR though, which should be available for Windows Mixed Reality next month. There is already a beta version available for developers. It also requires the installation of the Oculus app to access the Oculus Store to download the games and experiences. Only a few of the games and experiences in the Oculus Store are exclusives though, so if there are ones you want you should check the Windows Store and Steam first to see if they are available in those as well. I will post an article with a Revive set-up guide once SteamVR for Windows Mixed Reality is available to the general public.

Here are a few more trailers of some of the Oculus Rift exclusive games that Revive supports, so should hopefully work on Windows Mixed Reality VR HMDs when using the app. They include Wilson’s Heart by ex-Microsoft developer Twisted Pixel, makers of popular and critically acclaimed Xbox 360 Kinect game The Gunstringer! Since Wilson’s Heart is a motion-controlled game, would it have been a Kinect 2 game for Xbox One if Microsoft hadn’t let them go?



The Mage’s Tale


Wilson’s Heart


Robo Recall


Which Oculus Rift exclusives would you like to play with your Windows Mixed Reality VR HMD? Let us know in the comments below, or create a discussion in our (PC) Windows Mixed Reality VR Games forum.


Source: r/WindowsMR