Windfall Studios have announced World Apart, an episodic VR adventure game for Windows Mixed Reality, due early next year. They have released a rather vague 360° teaser trailer, which you can watch above, and the following press release:


Announcing World Apart – an episodic VR adventure game

December, Stockholm, Sweden. Windfall Studios is proud to announce their upcoming game: World Apart, an episodic VR adventure game for PC that draws the player into a worldwide conspiracy, spanning eons of human history.

Have you ever remembered something that never happened? False memories seem to be everywhere. You remember one thing, but the reports say something different. Assassinations, war, presidential elections – they all happened but not the way you remember them. The collective recall has changed, and we need to know why.

Every World Apart episode will deliver a new world to explore, each with it’s own unique story and interact-able environment. Delve deep into the conspiracy, uncover the secrets as you aid scientists, and save your world.

Key Features

  • Episodic VR Delivery with at least 30 minutes of game play per episode, over a total of 6 episodes.
  • Explore new worlds in each episode, each with it’s own unique environment.
  • Fully interactable environments to give a true sense of immersion.
  • All new content designed and created exclusively for VR play.


The team behind World Apart, Windfall Studios, aims to deliver a AAA experience in a new way. Smaller teams, tighter deadlines but the same quality and polish delivered periodically. A risk and challenge that we hope will pay off.

The first episode of World Apart will be released for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality in early 2018. Watch the teaser, and sign up for the World Apart newsletter at .


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About Windfall Studios

The Windfall team consists of several highly experienced developers, with decades of combined experience from the games and movie industries, delivering dozens of high quality well known titles. Read more about Windfall Studios on .



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Source: Windfall Studios' YouTube Channel