Last week Microsoft announced the much expected new Xbox console and Kinect sensor. With this next generation console, Kinect will play a bigger role other than just being used for games.

What I’m seeing in the creation process is more subtle uses of Kinect. I think when Kinect first came out on 360 everybody felt if you weren’t doing jumping jacks in the middle of the room it wasn’t a Kinect game

Corporate VP of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer

The new and improved Kinect will feature a 1080 HD camera and will be better at analyzing body movements and will even be able to read the player’s heartbeat. Furthermore, the sensor will have better sense of depth and field of view, it will be able to see in the dark  and it can capture video at 60 frames per second. Another nice feature is that the user will be able to wake up the console with just a voice command “Xbox on”.

Did you watch the Xbox One reveal? What do you think of the next generation console’s feature?