Former Red Octane and Activision exec Dave Noble believes that the innovative movie karaoke camera-based game Yoostar 2 has the potential to match the success of Activision’s Guitar Hero franchise. Now, Noble works for Yoostar, publisher of the upcoming Yoostar 2 and said the following on the upcoming Kinect game.

Spiritually this is the next Guitar Hero. Both games feature a similar emphasis on their social elements.

Please find the latest trailer showing some of YooStar 2‘s abilities after the break.

YooStar 2 Trailer

(a previous trailer can be found here).

YooStar 2 Features galore

The game, which will be distributed by Namco Bandai, allows players to re-enact their favourite movie scenes through Kinect. Sharing your performances via Facebook, Twitter and more is included ofcourse. There are quite a few available films, as they range from Casablanca and The Terminator to more recent hits like Kick Ass. Downloadable Content will also be supported with Yoostar 2. To get a better idea for this game and how much fun it offers, be sure to check the YooStar 2 Gameplay video we gathered for you.

Namco Bandai’s marketing director Lee Kirton added:

Yoostar 2 will be the next social gaming phenomenon, building on the progress made by games such as Guitar Hero and SingStar.

Do you share Lee Kirton’s vision about YooStar 2; and will YooStar 2 be the next Guitar Hero?

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