Only recently, Yoostar 2 released for Xbox Kinect in North America! Our own TheZeeman has been through a lot: dancing, decathlons, bowling and now acting. Most of you were waiting for this review in order to see whether the game is worth picking up, well… the good and not so good are outlined below so that should help you make up your minds! Frequent visitor HazyCloud needed no convincing though (see comments), as he looked at his $25 gift card for the Best Buy and the great amount of DLC that will come to this Kinect game (some of which is available already).

The game should be available tomorrow in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

YooStar 2: In The Movies – The good

  • Awesome concept, very fun to re-enact scenes
  • Variety of movies are good, needs more though, but DLC will surely be plenty
  • Does 2 player acting which I thought was very intuitive
  • Voice works fine and adjusts the volume so you are not louder than the original

YooStar 2: In The Movies – The not so good

  • The videos are windowed, be better in full screen
  • Most video quality is 480p, however the image it uses as it records you is choppy, if you had a green screen behind you and wear opposite color clothes, it might crop you better from the background, otherwise it picks up a little border around the background
  • Some of the scenes require you to be in certain positions such as sitting behind a desk (terminator) or sitting on a bench, you need stage sets to make it look real authentic
  • Some scenes require props, it looks silly if you don’t use anything

By the way, as some of our readers pointed out: You need a hard-drive to play this game! Meaning that if you bought an Xbox Arcade version, then you need to purchase an additional storage unit you can just easily plug-in.

Please refer to the full review to get a lot more info on movies included etc.

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