123Kinect.com forums reaches 500+ members! kinect news

The 123Kinect.com forums were launched only three months ago and have been very active since, so active there are now over 500 members!

The forums are used by the community to share their reviews of Kinect games, post their weight loss stories and progressions and generally talk about anything Kinect. And the big thing is…it is one big Kinect loving family! No console wars, no senseless bashing of Kinect and no trolling!

Read on for an overview of the most popular posts on our forums!

123Kinect forum most visited threads

These are the most visited forum threads on the 123Kinect forums:

  • Kinect Sports Leaderboards
    • The number one visited forum thread is our famous Kinect Sports leaderboards, where dedicated Kinect Sports players come to show off their scores to the world!
  • Review – Game Party: In Motion
    • TheZeeMan gives his opinion about Game Party: In motion. His verdict: Good game, but not perfect. Read his full review on the forum
  • Review – Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
    • Another review by TheZeeMan, this time about Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. Want to lose weight and get fit? Read his review to find out why this game is perfect for that
  • Comparison of online web features: Your Shape Vs. EA Sports Active 2
    • Both of these games are made to lose weight and get fit, and both feature an extensive online web tool that shows you are your exercise statistics. Read the review to find out which one is best!
  • Review – Motion Sports
    • Review by TheZeeMan of Motion Sports. Read the review to find out why he disliked this game so much

So, reviews seem to be extremely popular on the 123Kinect.com forums, and TheZeeMan is really doing an awesome job there (that’s also why TheZeeMan has the most ‘thanks’ on our forum by far!).

123Kinect forum most commented on threads

We also have some threads that sparked a good discussion. These are the 5 threads that were most commented on:

A big thanks to the 123Kinect.com community for making the forums such a great place! We love you guys!

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