A couple of weeks ago we had a Kinect giveaway with 123Kinect via our Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter. Among the prizes were Hulk Hogan’s Main Event, Leedmees Kinect, Hole in the WallFruit Ninja Kinect & Kinect T-shirts. Getting these to the designated winners was a (minor) logistical challenge, but we managed.

Never before were we able to give away this many games at once, and so we’re happy to report that the responses of the winners were joyful and enthusiastic!

“I never win anything; are you pulling my leg?!”

- 123Kinect visitor Brian


“YES!!!!! Awesome!! “

- 123Kinect visitor Nicholas


“I love the fact that I have won a free Kinect game”

- 123Kinect visitor Carlton



- 123Kinect visitor Kirsty

Thanks to all of you! Hopefully we’ll be able to do another giveaway again soon.