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Microsoft: Xbox Kinect as fast as ‘pushing a button’

Push the Button

With Kinect, you wouldn't have to...

Microsoft has claimed that Kinect is capable of true 1:1 tracking – and that the system responds to movement “as fast as pushing a button”. The comments echo those of Frontier founder David Braben, who said earlier that Kinect “feels fresh”. MS Kinect boss Kudo Tsunoda said that Kinect was already capable of 1:1 – and that it didn’t need “fixing” to achieve it.

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Kinect Beta: Leak and be banned for life

Kinect Ban

Earlier this week we reported that several people lucky enough to be in the beta leaked the information on the internet on the device and how it was working. As you may recall, we decided not to post any info on it, as we respect the NDA. What we will make a post on is the official statement from Microsoft for these leakers (via Abstract360).

Be warned, you may be banned for life:

We identified the users which apparently leaked the images and videos. Their Kinect sensors were in transit and have been redirected back to Microsoft and we have removed the individuals from the Kinect beta program. Additionally, they will be prevented from participating in any future Xbox beta programs.

Unfortunately we were unable to verify this message coming from Microsoft at this time. But it is safe to assume that Microsoft is taking the actions necessary to stop people from leaking information.

Blog removed Kinect leak

Good morning, your blog has been removed...

What we can verify is that one blogger who was going to post all his experiences on the web has been removed from the web. His blog was here (see image above), and had more on it than just his Kinect experience – that’s the price you pay for cheating an NDA I guess.

One thing though: how are they going to get back the Kinect device from people that already received it? Your take?

If you want to know more about Xbox Kinect experiences the legal way, be sure to check our preview here and our experiences with Kinect here.

Kinect: all is different, but it’s social and fun!

Interview with Ubisoft’s Diminick Meissner on Kinect and its possibilities and challenges.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and will be released this Fall. If you like it, then feel free to make a purchase it on our Kinect Marketplace.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is a major innovative breakthrough in fitness video games. Using the power of Kinect and Ubisoft’s proprietary Player Projection technology, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved gives players full control of their fitness experiences through voice and body motions. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved delivers a dynamic, interactive and convenient at-home workout tailored to each user’s individual fitness goals. The combination of Kinect with Ubisoft’s Player Projection technology provides unmatched precision, feedback and results.

What did you think of the interview? And how do you feel about Ubisoft’s chances of delivering true value with the Your Shape: Fitness Evolved game?

Kinect’s Michael Jackson: The Experience to be single player only

Michael Jackson: The Experience

Ubisoft has revealed that the Kinect version of Michael Jackson: The Experience will only include support for one player, despite the Wii version including support for up to four players.

Ubisoft’s International Brand Manager Felicia Williams demonstrated the game last week:

There are some differences between the consoles because of the technology. [...] On the Wii it’s a dancing game for up to four players. On the Kinect it’s a single-player experience, only one person can be tracked at a time, but it’s singing and dancing at the same time. Because of the technology we actually track one player and put them on the stage. And also, you’re owning the stage, you’re in the shoes of the King of Pop and it’s a bit hard to share the stage with somebody else when you’re in that much control.

How this decision will impact game play with Kinect is still unknown: it may be that the single player is better worked out, for example.  If Ubisoft plays its cards right, then this could be a smash-hit on all platforms, despite the above design decision by Ubisoft. Maybe getting a couple of people to do full-body MJ dancing with Kinect isn’t going to cut it in most living room sizes? Your thoughts?

Michael Jackson: The Experience launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, DS and PSP this November.

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