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VIDEO: Kinect Previews on other websites

Film Strip

Don’t like reading long articles on all kinds of nitty gritty details about Kinect (see previews here and here), then this is the article for you. Below we’ve got a couple of rather new Videos discussing / showing Kinect and its possibilities. Sit back, grab a bag of popcorn and a coke: enjoy!

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Kinect Silence

Microsoft has told Eurogamer Spain that Kinect voice recognition will be disabled for mainland Europe until spring 2011 (so, UK will work). Despite what we posted earlier, these regions will not have voice control when Kinect launches.

The company confirmed rumours that the voice-recognition software will only accept American and British English – as well as Japanese and Mexican Spanish – at launch this November. Even French Canadians will have to wait until spring 2011 to be able to control the system via voice. English Canadians are okay (source) and may use Kinect voice controlled from launch! So, that makes three available languages at launch (with two English variants)!

Frustratingly, even those fluent in English – or Spanish speakers that can imitate Mexican Spanish – won’t be allowed to activate Kinect voice recognition due to the region-locked status of their Xbox 360. Microsoft went on to explain that the decision to support Mexican Spanish and not native Spanish was a case of numbers: there are 106 million Spanish speakers in the US and 13 million Mexicans with Xbox 360 consoles. And that compares favourably to the 45 million people in Spain.

Bad news for Europe and French Canada, but Microsoft is probably trying to make sure everybody has the best experience with Kinect the first time. Do you think this is a good decision? Maybe, the gamers that are left out are able to install another update when they login with another gamertag – but that would have to be confirmed.

Rare: Don’t worry, Kinect not claustrophobic

Kinect does not need a lot of space

Kinect Sports developer Rare has played down worries about the size of room required by upcomin Xbox 360 motion controller Kinect. In July online shop Amazon, and Microsoft’s own store revealed Kinect requires six feet of space between the player and their television, fueling much debate as to its effectiveness in small rooms. Earlier, we already reported that Kinect Adventures adjust to your room size automatically, but this seems to be more a Kinect thing than a Kinect Adventures thing. Read on to hear what Rare had to say on the issue.

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Xbox Kinect Games roundup Preview

Kinect - Your Shape Fitness Evolved

Kinect - Your Shape Fitness Evolved - just one of the games being discussed

There’s something magical about Microsoft’s Kinect add-on for the Xbox 360, which transforms your body into a games controller and kicks off a new revolution in video game technology.


In trying to win over the public Microsoft is trying to get as many people in using the Kinect as possible (what is Kinect?). After some of our work, it’s time for the more established press to report on the phenomenon. Founded in 1841, the Sydney Morning Hareld (SMH) now has had a hands on with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect, and tried to see whether or not Kinect adds value (read: FUN!) to our gaming experience! Read on to find some of the highlights of what they had to say.

Please find a video with some impressions of the SMH at the bottom of this article.

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