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123Kinect: double the capacity

Dear visitor,

After launching our mobile site, the new layout, the featured news box on our front page: it was now time to support our suffering web server. We could not handle the amount of traffic on our old configuration of server anymore. Therefore, we chose to make an investment and doubled the server capacity for your convenience. Does the experience of visiting our website feel more fluid now?

Finally, maybe some of you don’t know this: if you are looking for information on individual games then using our Xbox Kinect Games list is the best way. Click a game to filter through our news: easy and fast. Tell a friend about us!

Enjoy our website!

Kinect Sports Attract Trailer with Party Play!

Kinect Sports BowlingPAX 2010 has been and gone, and Rare’s rifling through the coverage of Kinect Sports Boxing and Party Play while the Rare boys are kicking around in Seattle apparently waiting for a flight home that hasn’t been cancelled. As a post-PAX bonus, Rare also have a video to offer today which comes directly from the game: the attract mode video, showing off all six of the sports accompanied by some energetic Avatars and happening beats. Rare’s been told this video has “fun tonality”, which is probably good. Checkout the video, and some screenshots below!

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VIDEO: Social Gaming with EA Sports Active 2 Kinect Gameplay

EA Sports Active 2 Kinect

EA Sports Active 2 for Kinect may solve a problem for those of us who just cannot motivate themselves in working out regularly: social pressure! They have a very advanced website that collects all your info as you play EA Sports Active 2 based on Kinect and the Xbox 360 heartbeat meter: calories and schedules included. Its easy to share your goals with your friends, and motivate each other. You can also create your own workouts. This game has all kinds of exercises useful for someone who is trying to stay – or get – fit! If you’ve stopped liking workouts you can download new ones as DLC. Check out the videos below!

Activities demonstrated include: (cardio) boxing, push-ups, squats, running and the social website that integrates with this game.

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