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TGS: Kinect Dance Masters Gameplay Videos

Dance Masters (Dance Evolution)

A few years ago Konami created Dance Dance Revolution: a big hit that would changed gaming forever. Now, it’s time for their upcoming Kinect game Dance Masters (or Dance Evovlution, depending on where you’re from) to take the dancing throne. This game is Dance Central‘s biggest competitor for the dance throne of Kinect and is available at Kinect’s launch (and available for pre order in our store).

Read on to see some footage fresh from the Tokyo Game Show 2010 floor.

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123Kinect’s v0.8 layout update

Dear Visitor,

1) Calendar

Dre had a wonderful idea, adding a calendar to our website. So, we did and we hope you enjoy it (it’s in the sidebar)…. a little lower, yes there it is!

2) Tags

Now, there’s also an improvement in tag browsing on 123Kinect. For those of you that don’t know: Tags are a label associated with something for the purpose of identification and we use tags a lot on this page to label our content – so you know what it is about. Every post on 123Kinect has a couple of tags associated with it (some more than others).

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Child of Eden: Screenshots – Stunning and Sparky

Child of Eden

After publishing the screenshots of Kinect Sports earlier today, it is now time to share those of Child of Eden: a game for Kinect that uses audiovisual feedback to aid the player. Feel free to get the visual feedback below with the wonderful screenshots of this game.

Child of Eden is available March 11th, 2011 and published by Ubisoft. If you are familiar with Rez, then think of this game of Rez 2.0. Either way you may find it enjoyable to read our our preview.

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Xbox Kinect tour goes Ireland!

Kinect on Tour - Ireland

Xbox has announced that it is inviting members of the Irish public to experience the controller-free fun of Kinect for the first time this week as part of a national roadshow ahead of its launch on 10th November. Kicking off at the National Ploughing Championship on Tuesday 21st September, Xbox invites members of the public to experience Kinect in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre on Friday 24th September, Dundrum Shopping Centre on Saturday 25th September and Pavilions Shopping Centre in Swords on Sunday 26th September. There is a prize people!

Read on to find out what this mysterious prize is.

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