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Kinect works when sitting down now, because of software update

Blitz Games Studios and its CTO

Concern over Kinect’s ability to detect players sat down on sofas has been eradicated after Microsoft updated the software behind the tech. Kinect’s much-discussed difficulty detecting sitting and lying down players was caused by using a point of reference on the body that wasn’t always visible when sitting down or lying down. The software has now been updated to take the gamer’s neck as a reference point. Earlier, it was already addressed by some real life tests that Kinect Works Seated, On The Floor, Behind Coffee Table, but now we know for sure.

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Kinect in Dublin via an Experience Center!

Kinect can now be tried by the public in Dublin, on Grafton Street, where on 12th October the Kinect Experiential Centre has been launched.  Do you feel like playing some Dance Central or Kinect Joy Ride?

Read on to see what Microsoft’s country manager from Ireland had to say on the center and Kinect!

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