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Dance Central for Kinect Dancing Video

Earlier, the full track list for Kinect’s Dance Central was unveiled, and now it’s time for a new gameplay video! The moves are rather complex in this video, and certainly not something I see every gamer do. Luckliy, there’s a feature that can learn you pick up all the moves, in order to reach those hard to earn achievements. I see this becoming the Guitar Hero of dancing games!

Read on to see the footage!

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How Kinect Voice Command Works (Developer Diary #4)

Kinect Hub

Kinect has impressed us already with its 3D camera technology, but not much is known about its speech recognition functionality. Do you want to know how it works? Are you interested in the way sorts out between commands and the noise you and your friends make when playing? Are you curious what are the limitations or how far can the voice commands go?

Then read on and checkout the developer diary video by Microsoft that aims to answers these questions.

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