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Archive for Sunday, October 24th, 2010 05:39 pm GMT +2

Sonic Free Riders Gameplay Video Shows Bike Support

After creating way to many Sonic based titles that were low on quality the recent years, SEGA realizes they need to deliver something special now or just stop the Sonic franchise all together. By the looks of the following two gameplay videos Sonic Free Riders is one of this games that may restore the full faith in the Sonic franchise. There is certainly innovative control in Sonic Free Riders.

Checkout some new gameplay footage and the latest Japanese trailer of this game (has some more info!).

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Kinect Adventures & Kinect Sports Ads (HD)

The Kinect Add-On for Microsoft's Xbox 360

Earlier, we already revealed the first Kinect advertisement to be release to the public, but now there’s more! Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures get their TV ad!  They’re very short, but leave an excellent impression! The Xbox Live Kinect ad is a bit lenghtier, but provides a great insight in the possibilities of Xbox Kinect.

Read on to checkout the commercials and leave a message.

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