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Kinect Christmas Sales predicted by Microsoft

microsoft kinect prediction Kinect Christmas Sales predicted by Microsoft

Microsoft expects to sell five million Kinect units this Christmas, up from its previous Christmas prediction of three million in Kinect sales. That’s according to a Tweet from Bloomberg’s Dina Bass, who adds: “That would make Kinect the biggest Xbox product launch ever in terms of sales, according to Microsoft’s Don Mattrick.” This sure looks to be a bright Christmas for Kinect!

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Sonic Free Riders Achievements

Sonic Free Riders Screens 16th Sept 111 600x150 Sonic Free Riders Achievements

Kinect’s Sonic Free Riders Achievements List is now available! Whether you are one of those gamers that will do anything to get achievements or one of those gamers who just enjoy playing Sonic Free Riders, then make sure that you know all Achievements Kinect has prepared for you!

Achievements like

Tag License 30G
You’ve raced every course in Tag Race! Aim for a new world record with your perfect partner!

wait for you so don’t hesitate to check the complete list of Sonic Free Riders Achievements available in the full post.

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Kinect Queues for Kinect Giveaways

187016013 600x150 Kinect Queues for Kinect Giveaways

Kinect queues for Kinect giveaways, who would’ve though that it would come down to this? Microsoft’s controller-free add-on for the Xbox 360 officially doesn’t launch until November 4, but some clearly passionate Kinect fans [they are probably from our 123Kinect forums icon wink Kinect Queues for Kinect Giveaways ] are already lining up in New York City for its midnight launch. Crazy? Not really and here’s why…

NYC Webcams Times Square

NYC Kinect Pictures

Check 123 Kinect Forums for pictures of the event!

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Motion Sports Achievements

Motionsports Screenshot 1bis 610 Motion Sports Achievements

Kinect Motion Sports Achievements have now been disclosed! If you are planning to play this game then knowing the available achievements is a must. 50 achievements are now available in Motion Sports for you to get. Want an example?

I Am Legend 40G
Become a Legend in any sport.

For the complete list of Motion Sports Achievements, read the full post.

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