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Kinect review round-up

roundup Kinect review round up

Kinect Review

Below you will find a selection of the Kinect reviews that are out already. With each Kinect review the conclusion is quoted, so you can read the scoop of what other websites think, right from this page. Expect our Kinect Review to be up as soon as Kinect becomes available in Europe too! View full article »

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Achievements

Kinect Your Shape Fitness Evolved Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Achievements

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Achievements List is now available! Whether you’ll play this game to get in the best shape of your life or to get more and more achievements, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is perfect for you. Exercising can now be fun with challenging achievements like:

Calorie Score 9000 50G
Burn 9000 calories.

Do you think you can get this achievement?  Check the complete list of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved achievements in the full post.

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Hybrid Kinect Games Coming!

kinect hybrid games Hybrid Kinect Games Coming!

Hybrid Kinect Games are coming (games that use both the Kinect Sensor and an Xbox 360 Controller)! The Kinect launch line-up is understandably packed with controller-free experiences, but again, Microsoft has revealed Kinect / traditional controller hybrid titles are coming!!

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Kinect Unboxing – Kinect Setup – Kinect Video Review

kinect review Kinect Unboxing Kinect Setup Kinect Video Review

Loads of the big games sites are publishing their Kinect Reviews, some are even reporting Kinect that Kinect doens’t work well with dark-skinned users. However, I thought I’d share a user Kinect Video Review I came across on Youtube, with a little less bla bla and a load of examples!

ps: please notice, the guy is somewhat dark-skinned… does Kinect work for him? Unfortunately the video isn’t showing facial recognition. Checkout the Kinect Video Review below!

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