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Archive for Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 10:00 pm GMT +2

Kinect won’t have patched games

noPatching Kinect wont have patched games

Kinect will not have patched games, according to Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer.  During an interview, he discusses about what Kinect will and won’t do and their plans with Kinect and 3D. Got you already interested? then read the full post!

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Kinect your TV Mount 101

Kinect TV Mount Kinect your TV Mount 101

Kinect mounted on a TV!

Recognize this? You just bought your Kinect, and there’s no place to put it! Well, maybe on your flat panel TV, but then it will fall off as soon as you jump a bit or as your cat gets close to the thing: bye bye $150. The Kinect TV Mount Kit allows users to mount the Kinect camera above or below your flat panel TVs: pretty awesome. The adjustable arms connect to the flat-panel TV‘s wall-mounting screw points.

The mount supports flat-panels up to 60 inches, ah shoot, then it won’t work for mine icon wink Kinect your TV Mount 101 . Checkout the install your Kinect TV Mount instruction video below!

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Kinect is as accurate as a control pad

accurate Kinect is as accurate as a control pad

A while ago Microsoft released a statement about how accurate Kinect was going to be (and ofcourse we reported on it), and it turns out now, they weren’t lying! David Braben (founder of the studio that created Kinectimals) explains that Kinect is as accurate as an ordinary control pad! View full article »

Kinect Star Wars & Kinect Forza next Christmas

StarWarsKinect Kinect Star Wars & Kinect Forza next Christmas

Star Wars Kinect announced for Christmas 2011!

Star Wars Kinect and Forza Kinect will be available for Kinect in Christmas 2011, Kudo Tsunoda confirmed! Although both games were shown at the official unveiling of Kinect at this year’s E3 conference, Tsunoda told NewsBeat that Kinect Star Wars would be available “next holiday”!

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