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Archive for Sunday, November 14th, 2010 11:01 pm GMT +2

Dance Paradise Achievements List

danceparadisekinect 225866b 600x150 Dance Paradise Achievements List

Dance Paradise Achievements

Are you one of those gamers that will do anything to get achievements? Then be sure to checkout the full list of Dance Paradise achievements below. Unfortunately, these achievements are not very inspirational (mostly progress achievements). If you’re fond of Dance Paradise and new to this website then be sure to checkout all the news we gathered on Dance Paradise. Or checkout our list of all Kinect Games.

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My Kinect Experience – A brief Kinect Review

XboxKinect My Kinect Experience A brief Kinect Review

A while back, when I started (luckily I’m not alone anymore) this Kinect web site, lots of people were very critical of Kinect, and I thought it was time for a movement that gave this unique peripheral a fair chance. Especially the major websites, like Kotaku, CVG and Joystiq were full of overly critical fan boys and journalists.  Looking at the Kinect sensor with a positive view, was something that was lacking on the web: so, was born. Nowadays, thousands of Kinect Enthusiasts a day come here for information, and help build the community around Kinect! I had no idea it would come to a web site of this size, but liking every moment of it.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my analysis and experience outlined below.

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Exclusive: Kinect Sensor In Stock here, UK!

order kinect uk amazon 600x150 Exclusive: Kinect Sensor In Stock here, UK!

Order Kinect to the UK

Kinect is said to be out of stock at a lot of retailers in the United Kingdom (Amazon UK has no stock left, you can only get the Kinect Sensor at a premium (£164 and up)), now here’s a quick guide to get Kinect in the UK for less than the price in the UK, via an alternate (and legitimate) route! We found a spot where Kinect is in stock!

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UFC Personal Trainer for Kinect dated!

UFC2009535 screen 600x150 UFC Personal Trainer for Kinect dated!

UFC Personal Trainer Kinect gets its release date

UFC Personal Trainer for Xbox 360 Kinect will launch on April 1 2011, according to the most recent release schedule from publisher THQ.

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