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Fighters Uncaged Achievements

14 Fighters Uncaged Achievements

Are you one of those gamers that will do anything to get achievements? Then be sure to checkout the full list of Kinect‘s Fighters Uncaged achievements below. If you’re not so interested in achievements, but are fond of Fighters Uncaged then be sure to checkout all the news we gathered on Fighters Uncaged. Or, be convinced by achievements like:

Under the Wire 20G
Win a round with less than 10% of your life remaining.

Read on for the complete list! Or checkout the review!

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Dance Central makes you meet ELIOT (spoiler)

eliot Dance Central makes you meet ELIOT (spoiler)

Dance central has a secret character

The highly rated dance game ‘Dance Central‘ for Kinect actually has a secret character. This character, named ELIOT, seems to be a robot with a cap on. I’m not sure where this character comes from, or why it is in Dance Central but it’s pretty cool how the developers managed to make this robot look like a fluid dancer. Check out the dancing machine in the video below.

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