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Microsoft #1 innovative company because of Kinect

microsoft innovation Microsoft #1 innovative company because of Kinect

Microsoft, the most innovative company of 2010

Looking back at 2010, one can only ask himself what companies were the most innovative ones. We know the top ten most innovative companies and we are happy to inform you that Microsoft is on #1 ! And it’s all due to Kinect.

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Kinect Gears Of War Rumor: just revealed Gears of War Ultimate might be Kinect version

Gears of War Ultimate revealed...can this be the Kinect version?

A while ago during the VGA’s Microsoft was supposedly going to do a big announcement regarding Gears of War. We were all sitting at the edge of our seat ready to hear about a Gears of War Kinect version of this awesome game, when Microsoft decided not to do the announcement.

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Kinect might cause damage to the old Xbox model

rrod Kinect might cause damage to the old Xbox model

Kinect can cause Red Ring of Death

It appears that some of the people who bought Kinect and plugged it into their older Xbox consoles faced the Red Ring of Death on their Xbox. The models in question are 3-4 years old and according to the owners, they worked flawless until the Kinect “event”. Interesting enough, the RRoD took place at different times: sometimes within 5 minutes of using Kinect, sometimes within several days.

Continue reading for some testimonials.

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wired kinect most significant1 Kinect #3 most significant gadget of 2010

Kinect was chosen by Wired as the 3rd most significant gadget of 2010! published an article today in which they outlined their opinion on the 10 most signifcant gadgets of 2010. And guess what…they chose Kinect to be the third most significant gadget of 2010! Read on for more details about the article.

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