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Archive for December 17th, 2010

kinect accuracy1 Kinect Accuracy is being quadrupled by Microsoft!

Kinect Accuracy will be quadrupled!

Kinect Accuracy… it has been a hot topic, especially in the debate of Kinect vs. Move. According to Sony Kinect is inferior because of its low resolution and low framerate and this all had to do something with the usb port.

I personally never had any problems with this, but apparently the resolution is too low to accurately track individual fingers and the rotation of the palm (which would make Star Wars Lightsaber action difficult to implement).

But we don’t have to fear this low resolution and accuracy problem anymore, because Microsoft is going to fix it!

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Kinect Brain Training Game “for all ages”

kinect brain training Kinect Brain Training Game for all ages

Dr. Kawashima’s Body and Brain exercises, let’s just call it Kinect Brain Training, has just gotten its first real announcement trailer! This Kinect Game does not seem to deviate much from the proven concept where Dr. Kawashima focusses on gamers in all age groups: from the young ones to grandma. And, let’s face it: Who doesn’t love the Brain Training games that have come out up until now for other platforms?

Luckily Xbox Kinect’s game has some unique selling points… be sure to checkout the trailer to find out which ones!

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