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12.1 million kinect sold Screen Digests prediction about Kinect sales was misquoted

12.1 million Kinect sensors will be sold by the end of 2011!

Remember the news about Screen Digest’s prediction with regards to Kinect sales? At that time, it was said that Kinect will reach 7.6 million units sold by the end of 2011; in total. It appears that Screen Digest was misquoted by GameSpot in the original article. Read on to find out their actual prediction!

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kinect adult game on xbox1 Local news station takes story about adult Kinect game a bit too far

A kinect adult game: a nightmare for parents

Earlier we reported that an (NSFW) Adult Kinect game was in the make, only to report moments later that Microsoft was forbidding it. A local news site KFOX took that story too, and added their own creative spin to this adult Kinect game, which made it a nightmare to parents. Read on what they made of it.

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kinect games sale sale: second Kinect game 50% off

These 4 games are on sale is currently running a sale on selected Kinect games. If you buy 2 Kinect games you get the second one for 50% off. This means you can get some pretty cheap Kinect games this way. Read on for more details of this sale.

Update: The sale unfortunately has already ended. We’ll be on the lookout for more Kinect related deals.

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Kinect is one of Barney’s favorite things

Barney Kinect is one of Barneys favorite things

Barney thinks Kinect is awesome... true story!

Maybe we spotted this a bit late but here goes. Apparently Barney Stinson of “How I Met Your Mother” thinks Kinect is awesome! He recently picked Kinect to be one of his favourite things in the most recent episode of the popular show. Barney is the prime example of everything that is awesome, and now Kinect is one of them!

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